Sale Price Appreciation Showing Signs of Slowdown


January 2019

Finally.  The Greater Nashville Tennessee market appears to cooling off…for now.  2018 yielded a sales volume decrease of 2.4% with the median appreciation rate for single family homes just under 4.8%.  That is down from the whopper of the year 2017 that carried an almost 10% appreciation rate.  While softening may not be considered good for those listing agents out there, it really does lend to better overall market health and balance between buyers and sellers.  Of course, for all you investors out there that have been waiting and watching, your time may be on the horizon.  Stay tuned for where the numbers may go.  If you are interested in full-cycle buy and hold real estate investment in the Nashville area; which includes acquisition, rehab, leasing, and exit; please connect with us here so we can answer any questions and provide expert direction.  To see more 2018 stats. from Greater Nashville Realtors, click here.