Nashville Draws Intentional Renters


December 2018

The president of Greater Nashville Realtors agrees that there is a segment (perhaps a large one) of real estate demand that is relocating to our area that intend to rent immediately upon arrival.  Being entrenched in the leasing and property management industry for almost 15 years now, we at Omni, Realtors and Property Management LLC understand this concept very well.  Buying time to determine what part of town you want to be in, saving for a downpayment, or even considering building new are all very good reasons to take this approach.  Of course there are several other reasons why rental demand exists; which include rebuilding credit or even not knowing where one’s job may take them.  For whatever reason, Nashville provides an excellent quality of life and numerous rental housing opportunities for any budget.  If you are looking for a rental property to live in, check out our available properties.  To see more notes from the Tennessean on this topic, click here for the full article.