How Tennessee Property Management Companies Help Landlords with the Evictions Process

Lee Blackburn

Evictions in Tennessee usually occur when a tenant hasn’t paid rent, but landlords can also evict when their renters break the lease and refuse to correct the problem. Today, we’re talking about how to properly handle evictions without getting into legal trouble. We’re also sharing some important ideas about how you can prevent getting into this situation with your tenants.

Communicate with Your Tenant

When rent is officially late, attempt to call or communicate with your tenant. You can use a collection agency to advise the tenant that rent has not been paid. Then, let the tenant know what has to happen for their account to be caught up. It’s important to stay professional. You may be angry and you may want to take this personally; but remain calm and respectful. The end goal is to get the rent paid.

Tenant Screening can Prevent Evictions

At Omni, we rarely have to evict the tenants we place because we have a rigorous tenant screening process and a set of consistent, effective procedures that result in the timely payment of rent and the strictest lease compliance. Our tenants understand their responsibilities and our expectations. They also understand the consequences if those obligations are not met.

Real Estate Attorney Help

A major advantage to using a professional property manager is that we have access to collection agencies and detainer attorneys to help ensure this process is done correctly. A good real estate attorney focuses on removing nonpaying tenants from properties. They’re connected to the court system, and they can get a court date quickly. You’ll know what’s happening from the court’s perspective, you’ll have access to professional and detailed documentation, and you won’t have to worry that you’re missing an important legal step in the eviction process.

Check your lease. Unless you have a clause in your lease that allows for a 3-day period to pay or quit, you’ll need to give your tenants 14 days to pay the rent or leave the property. All of your documentation needs to be perfect. There can be no mistakes if your case goes to court.

Eviction Timing and Cost

A real estate attorney or a detainer attorney can move your eviction through the court system quickly and for less money than you’d spend trying to manage the process on your own. Notices will be served within 48 hours by a professional, and you’ll have possession back within a month. Doing it yourself could take longer and cost you more. You’re also more likely to make a mistake if you don’t know the law.

We work with a third party agency that provides discounts to our clients who need to evict tenants. If you have any questions about the process, or you need help removing a nonpaying tenant from your home, please contact us at Omni Property Management.