Recent Nashville Market Stats

September 9, 2023 The City of Nashville is growing at a rate of 98 people per day according to the Nashville Business Journal, which creates a much greater demand for real estate according to The inventory or available houses in July of 2023 was 9,892, and only 3,001 of

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White House Single family homes Developement

September 19, 2023 White House, Tennessee is on the rise with its massive development of new homes and neighborhoods. According to the Tennessean, in 2022 a national home builder was looking to build 959 homes on Burrus Ridge, which was later scaled down to 653 units. This was a 412

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Real Estate Fluctuation In Nashville

September 15, 2023 Nashville real estate sales are always rising and falling no matter what day or month it is. Lately though, the price per unit and demand for housing has gone up because of the rising population. Tennessee is not known for booming real estate all the time but

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Nashville Market Cooling

August 2022 Greater Nashville Realtors reported that in July of this year there were 3,459 home closings, compared to 4,314 in July of last year. That is a staggering 19% decrease. GNR President Steve Jolly said, “While a nineteen percent volume decrease year-over-year seems like a huge number, last year

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Nashville market still heating up

May 2022 The Nashville housing market is heating up for summer, continuing it’s steady rise over the past 3 years. This, according to a recent article from The Tennessean. At the beginning of the year, the median home sale price in Nashville was around $400,000. Just last month, the median

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