White House Single family homes Developement


September 19, 2023

White House, Tennessee is on the rise with its massive development of new homes and neighborhoods. According to the Tennessean, in 2022 a national home builder was looking to build 959 homes on Burrus Ridge, which was later scaled down to 653 units. This was a 412 acre plot of land bought for $1.675 million. The board of Mayor and Aldermen in White House will have to approve rezoning requested on behalf of Lennar Homes. The land originally was planned to be a future home community and an 18 hole golf course. The homes on this land have not yet been started because approval is still needed from the City, but the community is supposed to be built in phases. There are plans to be 165 houses per phase which is scheduled to start by the end of 2023 according to The Connection. The whole city of White House has 5300 new homes approved, 3898 of those being single family, 1426 being multi-family homes; and of that total, 976 single and multi-family units have been completed as of August, 2023. 2 more large neighborhoods by the names of Dorris Farm and Summerlin are being built in White House. People are being brought in because they like the small town feeling of White House while only being 22 miles from Nashville’s urban areas according to Goodall Homes