Recent Nashville Market Stats


September 9, 2023

The City of Nashville is growing at a rate of 98 people per day according to the Nashville Business Journal, which creates a much greater demand for real estate according to The inventory or available houses in July of 2023 was 9,892, and only 3,001 of those properties were actually purchased. These include four kinds of properties: Residential, condominium, multi-family, farm land or just the lot itself. The median price of these properties were only calculated for residential and condominium with residential sitting at just south of $480,000 and condominium at $350,000. The percentages of the available properties that were actually sold out of available inventory are as follows: 

  • Residential – 35%
  • Condominium – 43%
  • Multi family – 25%
  • Farm land/lots – 7% 

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