3 Ways To Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Nashville Property

Lee Blackburn

Nashville real estate is more competitive today than ever. The rental business is booming and the number of rental properties is increasing. 

If you are a rental owner in Nashville thinking of ways to increase the demand for your home, consider enhancing its curb appeal. Every tenant would want to live in a home that looks attractive and fresh. So, improving your house’s appeal can only help you get a greater pool of quality tenants. 

Here are three ways to improve the curb appeal of your Nashville rental and make it one of the most attractive homes in the neighborhood.

1. Do The Essential Repairs

Curb appeal is not just about decoration or increasing the visual appeal of the place. It is also about the operationality of the items in and around the home. Think about it, if the objects in the exterior like doors, windows, or siding look broken, will they add to the home’s appeal even if you decorate them? Probably not. Hence, the first step towards enhancing the curb appeal of your property should be to make the essential repairs. Start by examining all the objects in the exteriors closely, and if necessary, do the repairs right away. 

Here are the repairs that you should prioritize –

  • Damaged or old roof
  • Damaged brickwork
  • Damaged siding
  • Broken gates, doors, or windows
  • Broken or fused light bulbs or lamps

2. Improve the Exterior

The home’s exterior creates the first impression when a passer-by or an interested tenant looks at it. The more pleasant and welcoming it looks, the more potential tenants you can find. Some major and minor re-works that can add to the appeal of your home are – 

  • Gate 

You would be surprised to know what a big difference an entryway can make to the overall appearance of your house. If the gate of your home is old or broken, it is time to change it. Consider installing modern gates made from iron mesh, cedarwood farmhouse design, wrought iron, or a rustic wood design. However, if your existing entrance is in good condition, consider repainting it to make it look more attractive.  

  • Mailbox

Your mailbox deserves special attention when enhancing the appeal of your property. While it usually has a red or neutral color, you can consider adding your home’s name to it or decorating it. You can also maintain it by repainting the mailbox once every couple of years. However, you can also replace it with a wall-mount mailbox or a classic column mount mailbox. If you own a multi-family property, you can install multi-tenant mailboxes with the proper numbering. 

  • Porch

Any potential tenant visiting the property can get impressed by a well-decorated classic porch. If your house has a porch, constructively use the additional space. Add patio chairs, coffee tables, lamps or lights, a small movable bookshelf, or a swing. Such additions can make the porch attractive and give your tenants a nice nook to relax and have their evening coffee. 

  • Lights

Adding lights can upscale the look of the home in multiple ways. Firstly, the lamps and fairy lights can look very attractive and transform the appearance of your yard. Secondly, the doors, the garden, and the walkways will be visible even during the dark hours, thus increasing the security without any significant alterations. You can also install motion-sensor lights in your driveway to illuminate the parking during the night. 

3. Go Green

With an increasing awareness about climate change and sustainability among the younger generations of tenants, renters are now open to living in a sustainable home filled with plants. As a Nashville landlord, you can do your bit for the environment by integrating eco-friendly features into your house.  

Here are ways to make your home greener and more appealing –

  • Plant a Garden 

Having a beautiful garden at the front of the home is the dream of many residents. So, use the space in the front of your home for landscaping. Keep the lawn mowed and plant different seasonal plants. Consider adding plant pots by the walkways to make them look neat and attractive. 

  • Install Floral Climbers

You can also choose to add climbers to your house. They can be very appealing and give your home a fairytale look. Add climbers to the front gate, windows, porch, and garden railings. However, do not overdo it by adding it inside the home or on the front door, as climbers can easily attract pests and cause an inconvenience to the tenants.

  • Plant Air-Purifying Plants

Another way to go green is by planting indoor air-purifying plants like peace lilies, chamomile, lavender, or English ivy. These plants have a calming effect and are scientifically proven to improve health and wellbeing. 

When using the ‘go-green’ technique to upgrade the home’s curb appeal, try not to over-customize the house by adding too many floral plants everywhere. While planting trees will cool down the house and will require less usage of air conditioners and coolers, not all tenants may be on board with it. Therefore, maintain a balance between what you can do to make the house sustainable and what your potential tenants may want.  

Additional Ways to Improve Curb Appeal of Your Nashville Rental

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a few other ways to improve the appeal of your Nashville property –

  • Clean the gutters
  • Use a new garbage bin if the old one is broken or looks shabby
  • Re-paint the exterior in aesthetic neutral colors
  • Add front-door decor to make your home look more welcoming

Keeping up with the local rental trends and enhancing your property’s appeal all on your own can be difficult. You may also make the mistake of overspending on boosting the curb appeal. Always remember that over-personalized decorations can also make you lose tenants. You can take suggestions from an expert like a property manager to avoid this. 

Consult Property ManagerNashville property managers are aware of the local and regional housing trends. They will ensure that you make adequate changes to your home that attract a great pool of tenants. You can consult one of the most trusted property managers in the city, Omni Realtors and Property Management

We have been helping investors enhance their houses’ curb appeal for over 15 years. For more information on how we can help you improve your Nashville property, get in touch now.