Negotiation Tips and Strategies For Purchasing an Investment Property

Lee Blackburn

Negotiation is the key to building a successful and profitable business. In real estate, negotiation skills often help investors get a property at a desirable price, expand their network and form long-term business relations. Hence, even the most experienced investors are trying to adopt better negotiating methods to get a good deal. If you are looking forward to buying an investment property, you also need to consider using effective negotiation techniques to purchase it at a fair price.

Here are some negotiation tips and strategies that can help you purchase a Nashville investment property – 

Do Your Market Analysis

Knowing the market price trends will help you be realistic throughout your negotiation. Your study will give you an idea about the current property rates. If a particular property you are interested in is overpriced, you will know right away due to the knowledge of price trends. With a comparative market analysis through listing websites like Zillow, Realtor, and Trulia, you will get to know the location-based price gaps between similar properties. 

If you have shortlisted one or more properties in a neighborhood, you can ask the neighbors about the cost of the recently sold homes to understand the market rates. 

Be Clear and Confident

Clarity is the key to conducting a successful negotiation. Do not hesitate to convey your preferences to the seller when you know your preferences. Be confident about your research and the offer you have placed. The sellers may state a few facts about the market that sound new to you.

However, there is no reason to get confused. Confusion can scatter your focus and impact your confidence during a critical negotiation. The sellers may not be ready for a negotiation, but you can try to persuade them in the right direction. You can cite concrete reasons for naming your price to convey your goals.  

Be Patient

When negotiating, be patient and speak sensibly. Avoid fumbling while explaining what you need from the seller. Ensure that you carry forward negotiations point-by-point instead of completing the process in a rush. Avoid getting emotional or impulsive when negotiating. 

The sellers do not just want a reasonable price for their home. They also want to deal with sensible buyers. Therefore, if they ask for some time to consider your offer, respect their boundaries and do not call them or show up on the property without notice. 

Ask The Right Questions

Try to get as much information as you can about the owner’s reason for selling the property. You can ask questions to find out if there were any accidents or deaths in the home within the past three years. You can also consider asking for a price cut if they are selling the property for reasons like over-the-top maintenance costs and prolonged vacancies due to some issues. 

However, ensure that your questions are not too personal or intrusive or rude. If the home has been on the market for over six months, you can ask for an additional discount. 

Be a Good Listener

Every smart negotiator is a careful listener and therefore manages to land impressive deals. It is essential to understand what the other party is trying to communicate through their tone during any business deal or sale. They may not be able to offer your desired discounts, but they may be willing to share the costs of other things, like inspections or even renovations. If you are a sensitive listener, you will be able to immediately pick up on such hints and discuss your views. 

Be Polite and Respectful

Negotiation does not mean you fight, argue, or disregard the other party or their views to get a better deal. It is simply a discussion that focuses on getting the two parties to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. 

Ensure that you respect the other party’s boundaries. Even if you do not get the deal that you desire, there are chances that the sellers will offer you valuable leads. Sellers typically want to sell their homes to friendly people, with whom they can maintain a cordial, professional relationship even after the deal closes. 

Besides, you may not always know the emotional state of the seller regarding the house in question. If they are attached to the place, they may have a hard time letting it go to a person who does not care for it as well.  Therefore, you should be respectful and empathetic at all times.  

Consult or Hire a Realtor

One of the best strategies to get a property at the best price is to allow an expert, like a realtor, to guide the negotiation for you. Real estate agents are experienced, trained, aware of the local pricing trends, and skilled at negotiating numbers. They know more about the neighborhoods, types, and prices of properties. They can show the seller how the offered price is reasonable, considering the costs you will have to bear at the closing table and after purchasing the property. 

Realtors always ask the right questions and make the most out of the answers they get to close the deal with effective communication. Besides, when a professional is by your side, the other party often tends to take your offer more seriously. 

In Conclusion

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