Nashville: Most-Changed Metro of the 2010’s


January 2020

Nashville’s unprecendeted growth in the 2010’s has it topping the list of the nation’s most-changed metros of the last decade, according to a recent report from Nashville has been in the nationwide spotlight more than ever in the past 10 years due to its housing market boom and huge influx of new residents. The announcement of Amazon’s plans to build its new east coast operations center in Nashville, just last year, helped to solidify the city’s status as a nationwide economic force and will bring even more people to the metro area. Over an eight year period, from 2010 to 2018, the metro Nashville population grew by 14.6 percent. Those with college degrees in the workforce climbed 7.7 percent from 31.8 to 39.5 percent. Despite enormous growth over the past decade, Nashville’s housing costs have remained relatively affordable when compared to other large metro areas in the nation. There is really nothing but good news when it comes to Nashville’s economy and housing market, which is very appealing for new business and will continue to draw people from all over the country. If you’re considering investing in Nashville real estate, please see an overview of Omni’s real estate investment services HERE. We are an experienced, full service brokerage and we’re eager to help guide you through the Nashville market!