Home Showing Tips to Attract Quality Nashville Tenants

Lee Blackburn

When your property is back on the rental market, it goes without saying that you would want to attract a large pool of qualified renters. It is a known fact that adding to the curb appeal can draw a large audience to your rental home. However, is that the only method of finding quality Nashville tenants to occupy your property? The answer is no. There are several methods to ramp up the appeal of your Nashville rental during a property showing. 

At Omni Realtors and Property Management, we help clients show their home in the best light, enabling potential tenants to visualize living comfortably in the house for a long time. Based on our experience, here are a few things you can do before showing your property to attract more quality Nashville tenants:

Clean and Declutter Your Nashville Property

Even a simple rental unit can attract many potential tenants if it is clean and well-maintained. Therefore, you need to ensure that you properly clean the place from the inside and outside. Keep the walkways free of dust and debris, like fallen leaves. An organized and clutter-free home looks more spacious and is hence more appealing to potential residents. 

Use Organizational Hacks to Highlight the Spaciousness of the Rental

The general rule of thumb is, the bigger the home, the better. Nobody likes to live in shoebox-sized homes and even though you cannot change the structure of your rental unit, you can still add some extra room to increase the available floor space of the house. It is quite easy to get the essential permits to add storage space or convert the garage into a home office. 

If not, you can try removing rugs, using smaller-sized furniture, keeping the closets empty, using a single, neutral paint shade, and removing unnecessary walls to make your existing house bigger. You can also consider the timing of the property showing and select the best light that makes your home look airy and spacious. 

De-Personalize Your Nashville Residence

An important rule to follow for renting a property quickly is to avoid over-personalizing it. The simple reason is that your tenant’s taste in home décor may not be the same as yours. 

Too many paintings, artifacts, brightly-colored wallpapers, or plants inside the home could drive away potential tenants. A much simpler and minimalistic style can help the renters envision the space as their potential home and not feel like they are living in a house meant for someone else.

Install Better Lighting 

Your property may have beautiful walls and aesthetic furniture, but what makes all this stand out is the lighting. If you are showing the home during the day, keep the windows or the curtains open to let in natural light. Doing this can also help the renters know how well-lit the house is during the daytime. If the property showing is in the evening or at night, make sure you turn on all the lights in the home and set them to a warm setting. Soft lighting can make your home look cozy and welcoming for potential tenants. Avoid harsh or bright lights that will make your interiors look too cold and unfriendly. 

Explain the Purpose of Every Room

Do not just show one room after another during a property showing. Focus on defining the purpose of every available space. Give your tenants an idea of what living in the house would feel like. Showcase the best features of every room, like spacious closets, plenty of floor space, large bathrooms, or reversible lights, to assure them of comfort in their new home. 

Highlight the Amenities

There may be several advantages to living in your neighborhood and as a landlord, the easiest way to encourage potential tenants to seal the deal is by informing them of all these additional perks. Considering that they are thinking of living in the neighborhood, they naturally want to know the perks of having a home there. 

Therefore, you need to be a good informer and tell them about the amenities in and around the home, like extra parking spaces, kids’ play area, gyms, swimming pool, parks, community halls, shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, transport, and schools. Feel free to highlight additional points like the safety features in the home or if the neighborhood has a ranking as one of the safest places to live in Nashville, and so on. 

Be Polite to Potential Renters

How you talk to the tenants can impact their decision to move into your property. After all, every tenant wants a pleasant, empathetic, and understanding landlord. Therefore, be polite to your renters as it can help you get your property rented quicker. Ask all questions in a neutral, friendly tone and let them take the time they need to decide if they want to move in. Of course, you can tell them honestly that you have other interested tenants, but ensure that you say it nicely. Do not push them to make decisions right away, as it can be intimidating to make such a big decision on the spot and can drive away even the most interested candidates. 

Additional Ways to Attract Quality Tenants for Your Showing

New BeginningMoving into your Nashville property is a new beginning for your renters. As a Nashville property owner, it is up to you to make your renters feel like this home is the right choice. 

However, that’s easier said than done. Unless you are a professional, scheduling and showing properties can be a challenging task as you have to work around your and your tenants’ timetables to figure out a mutually acceptable timing. To avoid the risks of letting qualified tenants go away, we recommend you consider hiring a property manager

Experienced property managers can show your Nashville property in the best possible light. Besides, tenants are often relieved to know that the property is handled by professionals. They get an assurance that their maintenance request calls and other queries are considered a priority and get resolved quickly.  

You can choose to work with one of the well-known companies in Nashville, Omni Realtors, and Property Management. We have been in the local rental business since 2005 and know how to draw more potential tenants to your property. We would be happy to find qualified tenants for your home and keep it occupied in the long run.

For more information, contact us at Omni Realtors and Property Management.