What’s Up With This Market???


February, 2012

As you are probably well aware, the Nashville Area real estate market is volatile and totally unpredictable.  However, when looking at the big picture, GO NASHVILLE!  Economically, jobs are being created, and our area is solidly a destination for those looking for something better.  Commercial development continues, especially in the fringe areas of Hendersonville and Mount Juliet, and rankings for relocation and stability continue to improve.

The national conforming lending climate doesn’t seem to be improving, which we believe is the current largest roadblock to housing recovery.  There is a ton of supply out there, and even after actual recovery and subsequent absorption, it will take a while to get back to an even plateau of historical “comfort” so to speak.  The bright side is that there is ample supply for residents in need of rentals, and there is also an ample supply of investment opportunities.