Tennessee Property Management Legislation on the Move


May 2018

TN is ever-vigilant when it comes to laws governing rental properties.  Of note:

Currently, The TN Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act applies only to counties having a population of 75,000 or greater. There is a now a bill making the Act applicable statewide, regardless of population.  We feel this will streamline many facets and create more efficient mechanisms for leasing and managing rental property.

Currently, in the case of a breach of lease or delinquency whereby legal action is pursued, only a lessee may receive notice of detainer at the property.  It has been proposed to expand this provision to include ANY adult at the property at the time of service.  This would help to prevent tenants from dodging notice and considered very helpful to landlords dealing with an already difficult situation.

A big one for us as managers with the proliferation of applicants reporting “assistance animals”: there has been an amendment proposed that would serve to criminalize fraudulent claims of disability for the purpose of bringing or keeping a pet in a no-pet property.  This will hopefully detract from so many abusing the system and claiming to need the pet for health reasons…and this could include ponies and peacocks…seriously.

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