Real Estate Investing in the Winter


November 2016

We are frequently asked: "When is the best time to invest?"  My response is always NOW!  There is a time continuum in real estate where value appreciation doesn't stop…unless it's a "down" market.  Otherwise, especially in the Greater Nashville Area, prices conitnue to go up.  Therefore, if one sits on the fence waiting for the "perfect" deal, he/she could easily wait 6, 9, even 12 months for that deal to come along.  Guess what?  In that scenario, you have just lost a year's worth of equity which probably exceeds the margin on the "deal" you got.  In tandem, you also just lost a year of principal reduction if you leveraged the property.  The moral is: don't wait!  

There are several reasons why investing in winter can benfefit you.  The main one (IMHO) is that overall demand is significantly lower–Econ 101 tells us that prices will trend along with it.  To see some other advantages of investing this time of year, check out THIS ARTICLE from Huffington Post.