Property Maintenance is Simple for Some, not for Omni–Your Nashville Property Manager


Real property is considered by most to be the largest physical asset in one’s wealth-building strategy; and therefore it should be treated accordingly.   The property management team at Omni Nashville provides a comprehensive solution to even the most minor rental property maintenance needs.  Whether it is preventative maintenance between tenants or routine responsive maintenance to a resident’s call, we take tremendous pride in our systems and expertise.  Responsiveness to a tenant’s need for service, initial troubleshooting the problem to ensure it’s an actual problem, utilizing in-house vs. vendor technicians (and choosing the correct ones), defining scope, and diligent follow-ups are all included in what some might think is a simple and quick item in a day in the life of a property manager.  Multiply that by “many,” and au contraire…

First and foremost, as a professional property management company, we have been charged with not only caring for house or condo itself, but caring for the tenant(s) as well.  After all, tenants are the lifeblood of the business, especially good ones.  No one likes to be inconvenienced by something not working properly (or at all) in their home.  Our job is to take their frustration and turn it into a pleasant experience.  A happy tenant stays longer and ultimately takes better care of the property. 

Initially, Omni provides numerous means of getting the issue to us for resolution.  Whether it’s a webform, a direct email, or even a voicemail on our emergency system, our standard protocol is to respond IMMEDIATELY and let the tenant know their issue has been received and is under review for resolution, even if it’s after hours.  Once reviewed, then we follow up with a direct call (or email if we can’t get someone on the phone right away) to better understand the scenario and get more details about the problem.  Sometimes, it’s a simple fix like tightening a nut, resetting a GFI, or flipping a breaker; and we want to be sure to resolve those types of issues over the phone.  Nothing elicits happiness from both a tenant and property owner like fixing a problem right away, remotely, and without actual expense!

Now that we understand the issue and the tenant is relaxed knowing we’re on it, we utilize our many years of experience and expertise to allocate the call to the proper entity to resolve it quickly and at the least expense possible.  Many handyman-type issues get directed to our in-house maintenance team so they can be repaired within a day or so at minimal cost.  Utilizing this function allows us full control over timing and pricing, both of which are ideal for owners and tenants alike.  If the issue is one of a higher level scope that may require more in-depth licensure or training (like HVAC or major electrical), we have a very long list of preferred vendors to call on.  All of our subcontracted vendors are required to be fully licensed, insured, immediately responsive, and take their shoes off at the door.  We also negotiate aggressive pricing based on our volume and excellent payment terms which are passed along to the property owner—again, everybody wins!   Of course, we would never call in a professional plumbing company with a more expensive rate and service call fee for a routine plumbing repair.  This is where the value of our property maintenance experience and in-house maintenance service is truly realized.

If there is a question of scope once the site assessment is complete, we will have a quick conversation about what actually needs to be done.  Again, Omni’s managers know maintenance like it’s their job…oh wait…  One example of undefined initial scope is a leaky faucet.  The easy approach is to simply replace the faucet.  However, we want to understand the repair history for the item as well the faulty component itself.  If it makes sense to repair then we repair, and do not incur additional expense if it’s just not necessary.  In other words, we look at it just like the property owner likely would.

Finally, Omni requires immediate notification by the repair technician once the item has been resolved so we can then follow up with the tenant to ensure the technician was diligent in scheduling the appointment, showed up on time, resolved the problem quickly, and cleaned up after the job.  We also want to be sure nothing more needed to be addressed once the “can of worms was opened.” 

Omni property management operates under a strict umbrella of quality in all that we do, and while maintenance may seem like a simple thing, we take it to the next level.  Utilizing a professional property manager for your Nashville properties makes a lot of sense, especially if you aren’t local.  If this is or has been a pain point for you, don’t hesitate to call on us for real value.  You will pay less without ever even taking the maintenance call, much less handling it to quality completion.  Your tenants will love it too!