Nashville to welcome new Oracle Headquarters


April 2021

The Tennessean reported just this month that multinational software firm Oracle Corp. will be adding to it’s Austin headquarters in Nashville. Oracle is planning a $1.2 billion campus on the East Bank of the Cumberland River. Mayor John Cooper has negotiated a significant temporary property tax reduction with the company in exchange for infrastructure investments in the community. Cooper said, “…it’s great that our graduates won’t need to go to the West Coast for top-tier tech jobs.”  According to the article, this is the largest deal ever made in Tennessee, even surpassing the historic 5,000-person Amazon operations center in Nashville that was announced in 2018. Oracle expects to employ 8,500 people with an average salary of $110,000. Oracle will contribute significant infrastructure invesment including a park and pedestrian bridge from Germantown and North Nashville to East Nashville. This news has shaken up Nashville’s business community and has excited residents and community leaders alike. This means that Nashville will be attracting very talented prospects in the tech industry which will greatly benefit Nashville’s economy, including the housing market which continues it’s unprecedented rise. Do you need help navigating Nashville’s explosive market? Experts at Omni stand ready to assist you! Read more about our real estate investment services HERE.