Nashville Students Already Benefiting from Amazon Partnership


August 2019

As recently reported by the Nashville Business Journal, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced at a Nashville middle school that Amazon is investing in Nashville students by bringing their much-talked-about Amazon Future Engineer program to 24 Metro Nashville elementary, middle and high schools across the city. The innovative program will send funding and support for robotics and computer science courses and other activities such as robotics clubs, teacher professional development and tours of Amazon robotics centers. The funding and support for these endeavors is being provided to many schools with minority and disadvantaged students. According to Amazon, students from underprivileged backgrounds are eight to 10 times more likely to pursue a degree in computer science if they take an AP computer science class in high school. Through the Amazon Future Engineer program, Bezos and his company are making great strides to ensure that Nashville is filled with an army of bright and educated young professionals who will be ready to tackle any challenge in the computer science industry. It’s clear that Nashville has a bright future ahead. We invite you to be a part of our success story – click HERE to learn more about our real estate investment services!