Many Tenants Prefer a Property Management Company | Nashville Landlord Education

Lee Blackburn

There are a lot of ways to attract great tenants to your Nashville rental property.

You can be sure you’re providing a well-maintained home in a desirable neighborhood. You can keep your rental rate competitive. You can really focus on strategic marketing plans designed to target the renters you want and bring them in to see your home.

And, you can work with a professional Nashville property management company.

The best tenants often prefer to work with a professional property manager rather than an individual or self-managing landlord. Today, we’re telling you why.

Maintenance is Reliable and Responsive

A good property management team will have maintenance responses automated and immediate. Your tenants will make routine maintenance requests online and someone will respond right away to diagnose the problem and decide what type of vendor needs to be dispatched. With online maintenance reporting systems, tenants can include pictures and other details with their requests. Emergencies are also handled right away. A tenant knows that the property management company will have someone answering the phone 24 hours a day, and if the heat goes out in the middle of the night or a pipe explodes and begins a flood, no one will have to wait for a full day to get the problem fixed.

Lack of timely maintenance response is one of the biggest reasons tenants leave a rental property. Individual owners can rarely respond as quickly or as thoroughly as a professional management company. It’s more difficult to find vendors who are willing to respond on holidays or weekends. Professional managers have relationships in place with qualified vendors or they have their own maintenance teams in-house. Tenants know the maintenance response will be far more reliable when they’re living in a home that’s professionally managed.

Property Managers Understand the Law

Tenants want their rights and their privacy protected. They know this is more likely to happen when a professional management company is collecting and screening applications, taking rental payments, and processing the security deposit.

Individual and self-managing landlords have to work hard to keep up with state, local, and federal laws pertaining to their rental property. They might not know the rules for entering a tenant-occupied property. They might not understand the difference between damage and normal wear and tear. They might be unprepared to follow fair housing laws and to understand the proper return of a security deposit. The legal knowledge that property managers possess give tenants extra peace of mind.

Communication and Documentation is Transparent

When tenants move into a rental property that’s professionally managed, they expect that everything will be documented and consistent. They know they’re signing a lease that’s legally compliant and they know that all of their rental payments, maintenance requests, and communication will be captured and recorded. Most management companies have an online portal where tenants can access inspection reports and lease documents as well as receipts and reports. They like being able to communicate with professionals rather than individuals who may be emotionally tied to the property and less organized when it comes to accounting or documentation.

We’d be happy to talk more about the benefits of professional Nashville property management. Please contact us at Omni, Realtors and Property Management.