How Do I Handle Maintenance Issues in My Nashville Rental Property? Professional Management Advice

Lee Blackburn

One of the best reasons for a landlord or investor to hire a professional property management company is so rental property maintenance can be handled professionally and affordably. Whether your Nashville rental property needs an emergency repair, updates and upgrades between tenants, or a preventative maintenance plan, the ultimate goal is to preserve the value of your property. It’s probably the largest physical asset you have as part of your wealth-building strategy.

Nashville Property Management: Systems and Expertise

A great property manager will respond immediately to a tenant’s request for repairs. The first step is to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem to make sure it’s something that actually requires action. We’ll decide whether an in-house maintenance expert can handle the situation or a licensed technician is necessary. Having a great list of vendors and contractors will help us choose the right professional to respond when it’s necessary, and we’ll manage the repair from start to finish.

Maintenance and Tenant Retention

The way you respond to maintenance will impact your tenant retention rate. If you’ve got a good tenant in place who pays on time and takes care of the home, you want to keep that tenant. Responding to repair issues right away and avoiding any tenant inconvenience will go a long way in your relationship with that tenant. Happy tenants stay longer and take better care of your property.

Rental Property Maintenance: Process

When we receive a repair request, we respond to the tenant right away to let them know we are aware of the problem and preparing a plan of action, even if the request comes in after hours. We will follow up with a phone call or an email to ask questions, get details, and better understand the problem. It might be a simple fix that we can resolve with the tenant over the phone. Our in-house maintenance team will take care of any basic problems at a minimal cost to our property owners. Having these team members allows us to control the work and keep the prices down. If the problem requires an electrician or a cooling expert, we use one of our preferred vendors who are licensed, insured, and responsive. The prices we have negotiated with these vendors are competitive, and all savings are passed on to our owners.

During the repair process, we treat your home as if it is our own. Once the problem has been resolved, we check in with the tenant to make sure everything went smoothly. Quality and responsiveness are important to us.

If you have any questions about maintenance on your rental property in Nashville, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Omni Real Estate. We’d love to help you.