How Nashville Landlords Can Best Avoid Security Deposit Disputes

You can have a great relationship with your Nashville tenants throughout the lease period and then still find yourself in the middle of a security deposit dispute after that tenant has moved out. 

Security deposits are easy to argue about. Tenants always want to get their full deposit refunded and landlords typically look for ways to use that deposit to pay for repairs that may be needed before a new tenant moves in. 

The best way to avoid any conflicts with your residents is by understanding the details of Tennessee’s security deposit laws and documenting the condition of your rental home before and after the tenancy. 

The best way to avoid security deposit disputes is to conduct a thorough and well-documented move-in and move-out inspection. Open communication with your tenants can also help.

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What Is The Difference Between Wear & Tear and Property Damage? | Nashville Landlord Education


There’s a difference between normal wear and tear and tenant damage, but coming up with a precise definition is sometimes hard. The courts don’t even agree all the time. So, when you’re renting out a property, you’re often left to your best judgment about what qualifies as damage that could have been avoided during a tenancy.

As a professional Nashville property management company, we have a lot of experience inspecting properties after move-out and returning security deposits to tenants. Our expertise is a huge resource for the owners and investors we work with because we can more easily identify the difference between normal wear and tear and accidental or intentional damage.

In this blog, we’re hoping we can help you understand the difference. 

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