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Omni specializes in the buy/hold single family home product type, including condos and townhomes. As investors ourselves, we know how to look at a property from your perspective: RETURN ON INVESTMENT. These are the “3 magic words” for our investment specialists, and we know how to get you where you need to be in your real estate endeavors.We provide a customized location and acquisition service based on YOU–your goals, needs, desires, and ability.After a FREE consultation (spending as much time as it takes for us to have a clear understanding and for you to be perfectly comfortable), we will scour the market and deliver prospects to you based on your specific profile. 

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We target very specific areas (zip codes, districts, sub-markets) based on decades of experience and a deep understanding of the locations that will produce the properties with the best rental demand and potential for rent and price appreciation.
When we identify a property you’re interested in, we will then visit the property to determine its placement in the neighborhood and what the neighboring properties look like, as well as overall condition. We will then provide critical data BEFORE you make a decision to make an offer.  This data includes an estimate of expenditures necessary to get the property ready for a tenant, which can include anything from simple paint to full-scale renovation.  We will also provide a rent projection.  This projection is based on REAL data and is benchmarked against our inventory of hundreds of homes. When we nail down a winner, Omni will then represent you in the contract negotiation, as well as coordinate home inspections and any further due diligence.  When we’re ready for closing, we can refer you to a seasoned Title and Closing attorney who will facilitate the process.  We also have outstanding contacts for landlord insurance once the property is acquired.  And don’t worry, if you are not local we can do all of this remotely and electronically for your convenience.  By the way, our fees are paid by the seller 99.8% of the time!  Ask us how! Providing exceptional service for hand-picked, high quality real estate in Greater Nashville is at the core of our service system.  Hand-in-hand with our leasing and management service, along with our rent-ready management and coordination, Omni truly provides a one-stop-shop for the Nashville Area buy and hold real estate investor. A summary of our system and services:

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