Finding the highest quality tenant for your rental property requires conducting a detailed resident screening and background check. You want a responsible tenant who pays the rent on time, takes care of the property, and follows the terms of the lease. Today we’re sharing some of the things Omni Property Management does when placing a tenant for owners and investors.

Pre-Qualify Potential...

January 2018

We work hard to keep everyone up to date with the state of Nashville, TN real estate; and we would be remiss not to highlight how our year went in 2017. was record-breaking!  With total sales up almost 4% over 2016 and closed sales volume surpassing the last record of 40,056 in 2006, it appears nothing is slowing in the Greater Nashville market any time soon.  Additionally and probably most importantly, the median home price grew a whopping 10.4%!  See more details from the Greater Nashville Realtors ...

January 2018

A hot topic indeed.  Neighbors claim the family character of their neighborhoods is being diminished with late night raucous parties and transient individuals.  Owners and investors stand by their positions related to property rights.  Is there a middle ground?  Nashville has had a difficult time with enforcement and permitting, so City Council is working through options.  Check out some of the debate details and bill options provided by the Tennessean here.

December 2017

Veering from New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, investors are being drawn to locations where there is still some semblance of affordability, as well as flourishing jobs (which equates to a healthy economy).  Nashville, TN ranked #9 on Urban Land Institute's list as reported by, which can be found here.  If you are an individual real estate investor interested in the Greater Nashville market, don't hesitate to Contact Omni, Realtors and...

November 2017

Sales volume was up over 6% from last year, with a 9.7% increase in median home price.  Can we say appreciation?  Check out the infographic from Greater Nashville Realtors here.